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Great Deals on Luxury SUVs: 2020 Review

Our lives have been deeply impacted and overwhelmed by COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus. Restaurants, bars, movie theaters, and thousands of other businesses have been affected. So, what is going on with car dealerships and what are the best car deals?

2020 Audi A4

Audi virtual cockpit

For 2020, Audi focused on improving everything about its infotainment system. They’ve ditched the 8.3-inch display from the previous system in favor of a new 10.1-inch display that’s perched on top of the dashboard. The infotainment system provides you with acoustic feedback on all its functions. They’ve completely ditched the rotary knob in place of the customizable Audi virtual cockpit. The virtual cockpit offers you the ability to customize the display to focus on your most urgent need. It’s laid out in a way that’s meant to be intuitive, useful and a pleasure to operate.

Pre sense®

Audi’s goal is to raise the bar on the driver’s experience – and awareness. The A4 is equipped with pre sense® to protect the vehicle in unusual or emergency movements as an effort to increase the drivers’ awareness and help prevent accidents. It will help to detect other cars or pedestrians while automatically initiating the emergency breaks at up to 52 mph!

Easy on the eyes

Sporting high-quality leather upholstery, the A4 comfortably seats up to five people. In addition to comfort and support, the seats are ventilated and heated in both the front and rear, setting this 5-star vehicle up for success during any time of the year!

2020 BMW X3

Technology meets performance

BMW is known for using ultra high-quality materials in their vehicles. For the 2020 model X3, BMW decided to wrap the X3 cabin seats in Vernasca leather, trim the cabin with high-grade aluminum and offer a variety of other customizable options.

BMW has also decided to upgrade the navigation system to better integrate with the mechanical components of the M3. The onboard computer can optimize the motor’s performance and fuel consumption based on the route set in the navigation system. It does this by doing things like switching to all-electric mode when the car enters a low-speed school zone or expending the battery on a long uphill climb in anticipation of a long downhill stretch to recharge the battery.

Prioritizing safety

BMW has elevated its console to the next level of safety. With the 2020 model, they’ve introduced multiple options to increase safety by keeping the driver’s attention on the road. For example, they’ve rolled out gesture controls to operate some of the most common functions of your entertainment system. You can change the volume of your music, answer calls and set a range of other touch-free functions. They also feature a heads-up display that discreetly projects itself on your windshield. This feature allows you to get from point A to point B without having to take your eyes off the road.

2020 Volvo XC90

Upgraded base options

This year Volvo designers decided to embrace a stately 12.3-inch touch screen in place of a physical gauge cluster. They’ve also added a new interior option for those who don’t prefer traditional leather seats. They call this option tailored wool. The material has an upscale look and feel. It has a quality comparable to the Kvadrat textile offered inside certain Land Rover models.

Smart steering wheel

For the 2020 model, Volvo introduced a range of new safety features centered around the steering wheel. They’ve integrated haptic feedback to their suite of electronic safety systems like pilot assist adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning and blind-spot monitoring.

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