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Unlimited Phone Plans with Netflix, Hulu & HBO Max


Did you know you can get Disney Plus with your Verizon account? Check out our reviews below.


  1. AT&T: Includes HBO Max
    • Stream all of your favorite movies, TV shows and Live TV right on your smartphone. These plans start at $50 a month.
  2. Sprint: Includes Hulu. 
    • All levels of Sprint’s unlimited plans include the ad-supported version of Hulu. Ad-free plans are available with an upgrade.
  3. Metro by T-Mobile: Includes Amazon Prime. 
    • For $60 a month with 100GB of Google store and Amazon Prime included.
  4. T-Mobile: Includes Netflix
    • Customers who choose a high level plan will get a basic Netflix account with their plan.

Mobile carriers are constantly trying to recruit new subscribers with new bundled packages, lower rates and other incentives. It is always worth shopping the competition or checking for new offerings on the plan that you’re on. You never know- a better deal may be right in front of your eyes if you look for it! So when was the last time you reviewed your plan to ensure you’re getting the best extra services? There’s no time like the present~ Check into it!