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Pimp Your Ride…BMW 5 Series Review

Sophistication and class are often coveted in the automotive industry. As a result, anyone looking for a car will always go for a model or brand that’s both elegant and classy but also packs enough torque for maximum performance. If this is you, the 2020/2021 BMW 5 series should be your buy this year. Often compared to the Mercedes-Benz models, the BMW 5 Series is one of the best high-powered mid-sized sedans in the market today. It’s the car that makes all the right noises for vehicle enthusiasts.

However, the automotive industry has other players who are just as eager to outrun the BMW 5 Series. And the likes of the Audi A6, Mercedes, Cadillac STS, and more are some of the most drool-worthy variants you can find. The industry is so competitive now as automakers manufacture some of the best high-performing, remarkably capable sedans that finding the right one can be work itself.

And the fact that there are several variants to the BMW 5 Series itself illustrates just how much buyers enjoy the astounding amount of choice.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Sedan

• Quality
This refers to the durability and workmanship of the sedan you want to buy. It also includes accessories and other components in the car and how they fare over time. Highly rated cars usually experience fewer overall problems. Thus, the reason for the high price range.

• Safety Features
Sedans have among the lowest injury and death rates on the road. Meaning they have some of the best driver and passenger safety features you can find in any vehicle. Sedans provide an excellent balance of maneuverability and other safety equipment. They use the best protective gear and structure with crash-avoidance capabilities and features.

• Drive Wheels
Although most of today’s sedans are front-wheel-drive, there are also the rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive options to choose from. The drive wheels you choose also depends on what you intend to use the vehicle for. For instance, most manufacturers prefer their vehicles to be front-wheel-drive for space efficiency. Also, front-wheel drives provide extra traction because more weight shifts to the front. On the other hand, rear-wheel-drive car models are excellent for their high-performance and luxury benefits. All-wheel-drive sedans are best for foul-weather traction and track-ready grip on bad roads.

• Reliability
No driver wants to own a car that’s always at the repair shop. Here’s where reliability comes into play. Fortunately, most of the new model sedans nowadays are highly reliable. They also come with better warranties that cover a minimum of three years or 36,000 miles. Some warranties may even go as high as ten years or 100,000 miles. Nevertheless, it’s still crucial to look for a car that will be dependable on the road.

• Cargo Space
Another critical feature to consider when buying a new sedan is cargo space. Check whether the luggage space can comfortably fit long or bulk cargo. Most sedans now come with fold-down rear seats with a wide opening to the trunk. This can be very handy, especially for transporting long slender items. There are many more features to consider when buying a new sedan. But the preference relies more on you. Ensure the car you intend to buy has all the features in your list checked.

To that regard, here’s a detailed review of the BMW 5 Series against its top competitors in the automotive industry:

1. The BMW 5 Series
The BMW 5 stakes its reputation on exceptional handling offered by one of the industry’s most renowned automakers. Buyers have an array of powertrains to choose from, ranging from an efficient PHEV, turbo I6 with a range-topping turbo V8 to a base turbo 4-cylinder in the 530i. The BMW 5 Series has a sleek, modern, and luxurious interior, which has been a major selling point for one of the best mid-sized sedans in the industry.

BMW also worked hard to make this model’s iDrive controllers easy and more intuitive to use. If you must get a sedan for your 2020/2021 drives, the BMW 5 Series is your best choice. But you’ll pay handsomely for it. The calling out price for this machine starts at $53,640 for the 530i. This price goes even higher for the M440i, which has a market price of $74,895. So, while the 5 Series is the benchmark in several areas, you’ll pay for the privilege to own and actually drive one.

But let’s see what other mid-sized sedan variants are out there that may even be better than the 5 Series.

2. Audi A6
Next in line is the A6 generation of Audi. The A6 has been around for some time and comes with one diesel and one petrol engine option only. Dimensionally, the A6 measures the same as the 5 Series, but it has a more powerful petrol motor.
The A6 also comes with the latest technology, which includes a four-zone climate control system, a 48-volt mild hybrid system. It also has eight airbags, a Bose Surround system, adaptive air suspension, Audi Drive Select, and many more advanced features for both the driver and passengers’ comfort and safety.

The finishing and styling of the A6 are suitably polished and modernist, making it one of the most sort-after mini-sized sedans in the automobile industry. The 5 Series outweighs the A6 with features like gesture control, heads up display, and automated parking.

All these features of the A6 go some way to justifying the steep calling out price of $59,895. But for that price tag, you find that the driving experience of A6 is well worth every penny. And the 3.0L V6 335-HP turbocharged engine makes it a monster on the road. Its redesigned suspension setup takes this justification even further, making the A6 a worthy competitor to the 5 Series.

3. Mercedes-Benz E-Class
Mercedes is always known for working around the standard rule book by manufacturing some of the most luxurious, high-performing automotive. And the E-Class is no different. This new addition to the Mercedes family boasts a long-wheelbase guise. If you take a closer look at it, you would think it’s a baby S-Class.

With the arrival of adaptive suspensions and several selectable modes, this generation of Mercedes provides a range of driving experiences for all drivers. From wafting to wild, you have the option to choose whichever driving option you prefer while on the road. The E-class also comes packed with partially autonomous features and plenty of other cutting-edge technology to make it a worthy competitor for the 5 Series. The Mercedes-Benz E-class’s calling out price starts at $53,495 and has ascending degrees of engine power for buyers who are out for both class and performance on the road.

4. Cadillac STS
The Cadillac STS is on sale now and has a calling price of $47,990 but don’t let that throw you off. This sedan is a beast of a car and comes packed with some of the best features you’ll find in a car. The STS comes with a forward collision mitigation and blind-spot monitoring system as standard. While these aren’t necessarily deal makers or breakers, the STS has many more features that are sure to sway buyers in 2020/2021. These include a well-tuned chassis, pair of big screens (an 8-inch infotainment touchscreen and a 12.3-inch driver information display and), and one of the strongest, best-finished design languages you’ll find in a car.

While the premium German marques get the respect they deserve, this American-made machine perfectly matches any trends set. It also has an adaptive suspension on the options list and a Bose Audio System that comes with noise-canceling features to make your cabin truly tranquil. This is one sedan you must check out when shopping for vehicles in 2020/2021.

5. Volvo S90
The S90 has really shaken things up as one of the best executive sedan options you can find in the industry today. It comes with a striking new design and one of the most pronounced stately lines you can find. The Scandinavian also packs an amazing package with one engine and other standard equipment that make it a worthy competitor to the 5 Series.

The S90 is a gorgeous machine that’s a bit larger than the 5 Series, especially since its rear legroom has gotten a stretch of about 4 inches. It now has around 40.3 inches of rear legroom.

The rest of the car is attractive as well, from a well-designed interior to several other standard safety features. The Volvo S90 features a large infotainment screen, automatic parking, heads-up display, and four-zone climate control. These are all standard features in the vehicle, making it one of the best exclusive sedans you can find online. It has a calling out price of $49,095, which is pretty decent considering all the features and overall design of this sedan.

The S90 could be the perfect option for buyers who have already scratched the 5 Series from their shortlist, especially if it was because of a need for more rear passenger space.

6. Jaguar XF
The British brute everyone is always raving about, the XF, is here. It comes with one of the sleekest and cheeky styling you’ll find in a sedan. In contrast to the plane Jane appearance you’ll normally find in the 5 Series, the XF commands attention on the road. It has more than enough style to stand out among a fleet of car.

The Jaguar has a long-standing history of manufacturing its cars with over-the-top suspensions. And the XF is no different. Its suspensions are controlled without being harsh to the vehicle, comfortable without being sloppy either. Its calling out price is $48,770, but you can also get the all-wheel-drive version for $71,445. Compared to the 5 Series, the XF is an intriguing choice, especially for buyers looking for maximum cargo area. This sedan has an excellent 19.1cubic feet of trunk space.

The Jaguar XF also comes with one petrol and one diesel engine on offer, making it a great alternative to its German trio. The R-Sport version has a starting price of $59,120 but has a good mix of driver assistant and equipment features for the money. Many buyers would consider going for this option once they see it up close.

7. Genesis G80
The G80 is yet another remarkable vehicle to have in your collection. It has tons of standard equipment that contrasts the German automobile way of doing things. Usually, German automobiles make a lot of their desirable equipment optional then charge high prices for them. This also includes many advanced safety features. But the G80 brings something new to the table. For one, it’s ridiculously cheap compared to most variables in the list considering it also packs some of the most desirable equipment in a car.

For a price range that starts at $42,725, the G80 is tough to beat and is usually a serious consideration for most buyers. It doesn’t stop there either. Genesis also provides its buyers free servicing (including valet), satellite radio, Wi-Fi, and roadside assistance for three years. How’s that for a selling point? You would almost hate yourself for not getting this car and taking up a deal like that. It’s almost as if genesis went out to get all buyers on its roaster and spared no expense in the process.

How the BMW 5 Series Stacks Up to the Competition
From what you’ve seen so far, it’s evident that the 2020/2021 BMW 5 Series is matched up against some of the biggest players in the automobile industry. All these mini-sized sedans have amazing features and are powertrains when on the road. You could say that some options in this list like the A6 and E-Class outmatch the 5 Series even. However, one important factor to note is that the sedan you decide to buy should meet all your preferences in a vehicle. Who knows? Maybe the 5 Series doesn’t quite check out all your boxes in your preferred sedan. But the other options in this list might.

The Bottom Line
In the automobile market, luxury, performance, and class run the game. This can make it incredibly difficult to outshine every competitor in the industry. But the BMW 5 Series has managed to hold its own and do very well in most categories. And since it comes in multiple trims and different powertrain options, there’s always something for everyone. All in all, buying a car is a big deal and a serious investment. Therefore, ensure you do intensive research before deciding on which sedan to buy.

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