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2020 Handbag Trends and Black Friday Deals!

When you’re out and about, all of your friends ask, “Where did you get that amazing bag!?!”…

Since most of us have been at home lately, it has been tough to get out there and see the latest trends for yourself. Thankfully we have you covered! Here are our picks on the handbag trends not to miss…

1. Hobo Bags- Don’t call it a comeback! Even though Hobo bags were VERY popular in the early 2000’s, designers are making bets that these bags will make a comeback in all shapes and sizes.

2. Chain Decorated Bags: Your favorite shoes have chains on them…why not your handbag or tote? Braided Chains, Statement Design Chains, and even DIY chains are everywhere.

3. Quilted Textures: Quilted bags have been timeless over the years, and they are back in fashion this year.

4. Backpacks: When it is finally time to go back into the office or meet a client for coffee, a cute stylish backpack is all you need!

There is a handbag for every style and every budget…and definitely some serious deals to be found for the savvy shopper!



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