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Federal Tax Credits are Available if You Install Solar

Nowadays, many consumers have turned to solar energy for the sake of the environment and for their wallet.  This renewable energy source has globally proven to be cheaper than power from the grid, saving customers hundreds or thousands of dollars per year on their energy bill.

Solar energy is known to require little maintenance and according to research, solar energy has the least negative impact on the environment compared to the other sources of energy.  Solar energy also has proven to be more reliable as well, since it can be deployed anywhere.

Solar panels and solar contracts have an average lifespan of 20 years. To help you make the smartest, long-term decision, we’ve compiled top solar power companies and highlighted their respective benefits. Below, you can compare unique cost savings, equipment monitoring, tax breaks, and contracts that require little to no money down. Whichever company you choose, you’ll experience greater energy savings and the perks of environmentally-friendly living. Read on to learn about the best solar power companies that can help you!

Best Solar Power Companies


Sunrun has been helping homeowners save on energy bills since 2007. This solar provider has often been named as both the best and largest solar company in the United States. Sunrun covers over 17 states in the US including South Carolina, Nevada, California and Colorado. You can also choose from flexible payment options that allow you to put as little as zero down. Sunrun provides for four payment plans; Brightsave monthly (which is a 20-year lease with monthly payments), BrightBuy (where you purchase the solar power in full), BrightAdvantage (which is a solar loan with zero down and is a great way to finance your solar panels) and Brightsave prepaid (where you pay for the entire solar lease in full right from the start).

The great thing about Sunrun is that, regardless of the plan you choose, you are guaranteed backup storage, workmanship warranty as well as a 10-year roof warranty. With Sunrun you are also able to monitor your solar home’s productivity through a innovative app. If your solar panels generate more power than you use, Sunrun will return credits to you.

When you decide to use Sunrun, it sends a representative to your home to evaluate your solar eligibility. Within three weeks, the company creates a design for you to approve, and after you give your consent, Sunrun begins applying for permits. Permit wait times depend on your local government. Once permits are approved, installation can begin.


Solarcity is a solar power company that is known for having the most affordable solar panel plans while still backing its work with guarantees and strong warranties. This solar company benefits greatly from the research and technology that is provided by Tesla – its sister company. Solarcity has services that are available for government planners, homeowners and businesses in about 21 states all across the United States.

A lot of solar companies just offer solar panel installation but Solarcity additionally offers clients the ability to go off the grid through its back up power supply which ensures that your premise will always have power regardless of any blackouts. Powerwall – a backup power supply that allows you to always have power regardless of city blackouts. Unlike a portable generator Powerwall allows you to access clean power in emergencies. In addition to its Powerwall, Solarcity also offers a 10-year warranty that covers 10 years of necessary maintenance.

Tesla recently revealed the new solar roof – a surprisingly affordable set of roof tiles with solar cells. To anyone looking at them from the street they will seem like a normal set of roofing tiles. The solar cells are only visible from above so they can use the sun to power your home. They even come in four different, chic-looking styles to help you match the look of your home. SolarCity is the only solar company that can install the solar roof. If you’re wondering about the dependability of these tiles, rest assured knowing that they are stronger than average roofing tiles.

Vivint Solar

Vivint Solar is also one of the best solar power companies. Vivint made its debut as a home security and home automation company in 1999 and has transitioned into a top solar company. Vivint Solar offers four payment plans in addition to warranties and solar panel performance monitoring. This solar contractor can help you save money on your utility bill while decreasing your impact on the environment. With operations in 16 states, it has the third largest coverage in the United States.

In addition to solar panel installations, Vivint Solar does offer backup battery storage. This company’s solar power warranties include a 25-year performance warranty. The inverter is also covered by a 20-year workmanship warranty. Vivint will fix or pay for any damage it might cause to your property or belongings. This company offers four different payment plans: Solar Purchase, Solar Loan, Solar PPA, and Solar Lease. Regardless of which plan you choose, Vivint Solar will maintain and monitor your solar panels. These plans are also transferrable, should you decide to sell your home. Some of these plans also include product and power output warranties. Should the system fail to function or if it functions inefficiently Vivint Solar will take care of it.

After you have set up a consultation with Vivint Solar, they will set up a time to meet with you. At this meeting Vivint will go over how solar works where you live and explain the benefits of using solar panels. After that comes an on-site survey, where they will look around your home for about an hour to evaluate your home’s solar eligibility. Designs will be drawn that best accommodate your house.

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