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Get Your Degree Online- Our Review of Top Schools

For many adults, it is easy to hit a roadblock in your career and the only way to advance and improve your income is to further your education. However, it is hard to find time to go back to college and traditionally finish a degree. This is why online degree programs, programs that allow you to do all of your degrees online without having to attend physical classes or worry about being somewhere at a specific time during the week, have grown in popularity.

There are many different options for online colleges, but not all of them will provide a high-quality education that you need to further your career. Here is our review on some of the best online colleges:

1. University of Florida

If you are looking for an online college that is affordable and has great name recognition, then look no further than the University of Florida. While there is an online campus, UF offers 24 fully online programs that will lead you to your Bachelor’s degree. Most of the online programs offered include nursing, public relations, emergency services, communications, and business.

As an online student from the University of Florida, you can enjoy added flexibility for creating a schedule that works around your time. UF provides policies that allow you to customize your course loads and study schedules while supporting the success of their online learners. You can even get complete access to the Career Connections Center to help you find advanced job search support, career coaching, and networking opportunities.

The Benefits

  • 24 programs to choose from
  • Customize your schedule around other obligations
  • Affordable with great name-recognition
  • Provides exceptional career support as you finish your degree.

The Drawbacks:

  • Hard to know when you will graduate if the scheduling changes.
  • Distance learning can be intense through this program for those not prepared.

The Cost:

The cost of attending UF online is $129.18 per credit hour or $28,659 annually.

The Reviews:

The Positive: Most students agreed that UF provided them with the best education online possible. The coursework is interesting and the professors gave more time and attention than many other online options. The online programs are mostly geared towards providing Bachelor’s Degrees, though some Master’s programs are not available as well.

The Negative: Some students found that it was hard to connect with the professors, especially if the teacher of a class was not in the same time zone or the same city. This made it difficult to seek help or get recommendations after graduation.

2. LeTourneau University

This online university is based out of Texas and promotes itself as a Christian polytechnic university. Their goal is to combine a Christian worldview with a practical and innovative approach to education online. Any distance learner who works with this college can choose from more than 20 online programs in subjects from education, theology, business, and even theology. It also ranks high in aviation and aeronautical science education, providing five blended or fully online programs in these disciplines.

Even if you have already started your education somewhere else, LETU will count you as part of their student body. In fact, out of 3175 students, hundreds are transfer students, which has led them to maintain an inclusive transfer credit policy. It is possible to waive 75% of your degree requirements if you have taken classes in other locations.

The Benefits

  • There are more than 20 degrees to choose from.
  • Provides the best in aviation education if you choose to work with that degree.
  • Set up to work well with transfer students who want to finish there


The Cost

The annual tuition for this online university is between $9585 to $12,825 depending on which degree program you choose to use. Books and supplies will cost more.

The Reviews

The positive: The online school provides effective teaching from highly-qualified professors. Some worried about finding hands-on experience through the online portion, but the work is intense and prepares students for their future.

The negative: The biggest complaint with this one is the lack of social life for both on-campus and online options. This makes it hard to meet others to network and meet others in your chosen career path.

3. Keiser University

This college was founded in 1977 and operates 21 campuses through Florida. The mandate of this college is to provide affordable, practical, and convenient career training to any adult learner who wants to expand their career options. This is still the object found in Keiser University today and they show this by providing 25 fully online programs for adult learners. It is also the third-largest nonprofit university system so they know what they are doing, serving more than 20,000 students.

If you want to work with an online school that focuses on improving your career, then Keiser is a great choice. Keiser’s health science programs are some of the best in the area. Some of the degrees you can earn online through Keiser includes nursing, health services administration, health science, and health information management.

The Benefits

  • Provides 25 online programs that are designed for adult learners who want to advance in their careers.
  • Their focus is all on helping adult learners so the classes are flexible and easy to use.
  • Has the rare Level VI designation because it awards degrees at all levels.

The Negatives

  • It is specific in the types of degrees it offers, which can make it hard for certain degrees to work online.
  • The cost is a little higher per year than other options.

The Costs

The average cost each year to complete your degree online through Keiser is $16,690.

The Reviews

The positives: The professors are there to help and provide feedback on all assignments to help make sure you fully understand the material, which is a common issue in other online colleges. They are fast-paced and challenging so you know the material that you are learning. The online format relies on Blackboard, which makes it easier to interact with other classmates and knows when assignments are due.

The negatives: Because this is a private college more than a public one, the costs are a little higher.Other options in Florida providee more affordable tuition for online classes.

4. Drexel University

Located in Philadelphia, Drexel University has many online bachelor’s programs to choose from. With 19 options across 10 subject areas, you are sure to find something that suits your needs. You can enjoy degrees in subjects including business, criminal justice, and behavioral sciences. The certified teachers, the advanced expertise, and all the program options lead to the school having a freshmen retention rate of 88%.

In addition to providing a lot of great online programs offered through this college, it is one of the largest research universities. As an online learner, you can enjoy the ability to customize your degree path and your own schedules. e flexible policies are amazing because they allow you to take some of your previous college work and transfer up to 80 s80-semesterdits. This speeds up your degree completion time.

The Benefits

  • A research university that can help you get more hands-on experience, even as an online learner.
  • The ability to transfer over previous college credits.
  • Flexibility to choose the schedule of learning that works the best for you.

The Negatives

Limited on the types of degrees that are offered online.

The Costs

The average cost for this online college is about $13,000 a year. Some degrees are a little lower and some may cost more.

The Reviews

The positives: Students enjoyed being able to customize their learning experience and the ability to work online on not just a Bachelor’s degree, but also a Master’s degree in some industries as well.

The negative: Some teachers are slow to respond and give feedback on any questions the students may have, leaving some of them feeling left behind.

5. University of Arizona

Students who choose the online part of The University of Arizona get to enjoy all the benefits. This is one of the highest ranked highest-ranked count countries that provides a lot of great online programs. Online students get to pay the same tuition rates as in-state students, no matter where they take these classes and 93% of the students who studied online said they would recommend this college to others. Plus data from PayScale shows that this university placed first in a review of potential earnings among graduates in the state.

If you choose to take your online classes from here, you can pick from 33 online bachelor’s programs. There are many options that you can choose including Accounting, Biochemistry, Business, Food Industry Management d Communications. The school also welcomes all transfer students, working hard to match learners with previous credits so the transition is as smooth as possible without needing to retake any classes.

The Benefits

  • 33 online options to choose from.
  • 93% of the student learners would recommend this to their friends.
  • Earn the highest income out of all students in the state.
  • Tuition rate for students online is the same as in-state tuition, making this an affordable option.

The Negatives

Even though this comes with some good name recognition, it does cost more than other online degree programs, which can make it prohibitive to others.

The Costs

The cost of this online education is a little higher than the other options on our list, coming in at almost $37,000.

The Reviews

The positive: Since the online program provides in-state tuition, it can save money compared to being an out of state student, even if you are far away from the main campus. The great reputation and easy transfer process makes this an even better place to get your degree.

The negatives: Some students were looking for more options in majors and found that signing up and getting the program ready to go was a little complicated. The tech support provided assistance that made this easier.

6. Mercer University

Mercer University was established in 1833 and is an accredited college in Macon, GA. This private nonprofit school provides a great reputation, ranking along with other leading private colleges in the state. Distance learning is one of the top educational priorities in the staStudentsents can choose between 21 online programs that lead to a Bachelor’s degree.

In 2018, a new long-term development plan was approved that gave $200 million to increase research spending. This is great news for online students who are in degrees oriented around resethe arch. Some of the majors that benefit from an online degree from Mercer University include mental health-related, social science, informatics, human development, and healthcare.

The Benefits

  • A prestigious private school with 21 online programs.
  • Many research-focused degrees with money to back them up.
  • Accredited and challenging classes to put students at the top of their field.

The Negatives

Mercer University is a private university, which can make it a little harder to get accepted.
If you want a degree that is not research-focused, your options are limited.

The Costs

The cost of attending Mercer University online is about $19,000 a year. For a private college, this is an affordable choice for your online degree.

The Reviews

The positives: Teachers were responsive and knew the material. There were opportunities to work with research, even with the online classes, so this will help online students get a great education.

The negatives: Many students were worried that the online and traditional courses were the same so you were not getting atrulye online experience through this. This did vary depending on the class that was taken though.

Final Thoughts

Choosing an online college provides you with opportunities to finish your degree and advance your career, even when you do not have time to sit in class all day long with a traditional college class schedule. There are many online colleges to choose from, but not all of them will provide high-quality education and affordable degree choices check out the online colleges we discussed above to help you determine the best place to earn your education.

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