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Search Best Applicant Tracking Systems

Hiring new quality employees in the time of COVID is extremely difficult for hiring managers and HR managers.

Remote working means that in-person interviews are challenging to facilitate, if not impossible. In addition, collaboration between hiring teams is also difficult, and keeping candidates moving through the pipeline can be slower than in pre-pandemic times.

From a candidate point of view, many job seekers express frustration around lack of communication from the employers, the inability to make a strong impression over zoom or other video conferencing services.  Negative impressions from interviewers are showing up on websites like If you are a hiring manager or HR professional, you may want to consider a new applicant tracking system. Our team researched some of the leading options below:

  1. BambooHR: Bamboo is priced slightly higher than others- which may make it out of reach for smaller companies. However, reviews show it is easy to get up and running, has a rich feature set and UI functionality that has resonated positively with hiring managers and HR professionals. Pricing starts at $4.95 per employee per month.
  2. Workable: Workable is designed for companies of all sizes. Features that set it apart include access to 200 free and premium job boards and over 600 job description templates. Pricing can be ‘hire as needed’ and features a $99 per job month subscription.
  3. Bullhorn Staffing and Recruiting: This service starts at $99 per user per month, so only feasible to larger enterprise customers. However, the user interface is a very high quality, and features a very easy integration with outlook at Gmail. The intuitive features have drawn favorable feedback from users across the board.
  4. Greenhouse: Greenhouse is very popular service featuring custom interview plans, automated job approvals and candidate scorecards. The job board syndication feature is very ideal for smaller businesses who lack a built out career page.
  5. Jazz HR: Jazz is designed with small and midsized businesses in mind. Free trials are available, and the feature set eliminates busy work with ranking and candidate tracking tools which are intuitive and quick to learn. In addition, pre-poplulated templates can speed up the offer process and give candidates a personalized feel that is very efficient for the hiring manager.

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