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Review: 5 Best Features in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

To kick off the unveiling of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus, we’ve gathered a list jam-packed with the 5 coolest features included in the new smartphones. The Galaxy Note 10 is not just a new smartphone, it’s a gaming console, a film studio, a computer, comes with your own personal magic wand – and its all in one device!

1. Smaller – and bigger
The Samsung Galaxy Note has always been identified as a “big phone.” Users are pleased to see a smaller, hand-friendly version of the Note 10. It is about 0.2-inches smaller than the Note 9 and the Note 10+. 0.2-inches may not sound like much, however it makes a significant difference when it comes to fitting in your hand. On the contrary, this is the first time Samsung has rolled out two versions of the Note to include the Note+ for those who prefer a bigger smartphone.

2. 3D Scanning
While Samsung is not the first to roll out 3D scanning, they came up with a cool application for 3D scanning with Augmented Reality. Consumers can now 3D scan objects and drop them into their photos and videos. It doesn’t stop there; consumers can even animate them using motion capture. This will be huge for consumers that put out content on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

3. Super-fast charging
Long gone are the days where your smartphone battery dies a few hours after charging. With a quick 30-minute charging session, the Galaxy Note 10 will hold battery juice all day long. Samsung did this by including a 45W charger to amp up the wattage in comparison to competitors that have a 30W charger.

4. S-pen
Say goodbye to selfie sticks and self-timers because the Galaxy Note 10 comes with an S-pen that will allow consumers to take remote photos. It gets even better, with an accelerometer and gyroscope in the S-pen, consumers have their own personal magic wand with gesture-recognition technology.

5. 5G
The future is here – 5G is the latest version of cellular networks. This is a once in a decade upgrade to the way consumers can wirelessly deliver data, making the Galaxy Note 10 one of the fastest and most powerful smartphones in the market. Just how much faster? In this new era, the Galaxy Note 10 with 5G will average out to be roughly 20 times faster than the traditional 4G network you are currently using.

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