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Need Ideas for Your Sweetheart? Our 2021 Valentines Gift Guide:

February 14th is just about here – This traditional holiday of romance isn’t hard to nail with a little planning. From elaborate gestures to recognizing a special someone, we all want to send the right message with the perfect present.

So, to help with your gift-giving and gestures of love, we’ve gathered the best ideas and treats without breaking the bank. Whether it is for your partner, extended family, or even your BFF, make someone feel extra appreciated this Valentine’s Day!

The Basics:

These items are classic for a good reason – they work! But it’s very important to do them right and try to add that special touch with a personal note or picture. Remember, it’s all about showing that special person you care about, and these classics will definitely do that!

For Her:

Flowers: These are a must on Valentine’s day – even if you have other gifts or plans, make sure to at least have some flowers or a rose. Make sure to order these in advance and get her favorite type (if you don’t know definitely time to figure that out!). There are many flower delivery services available that make getting the right bouquet very easy.
Chocolate: Few things go together like chocolate and Valentine’s Day. This is because they look and taste amazing, have health benefits, and is considered an aphrodisiac food since the time of the Aztecs. So, there is no better way to set the mood right then by sharing some chocolate with that someone special.
Jewelry: This is a great way to personalize your gift, plus it is appropriate for all body types and skin tones. There are many great shops on Etsy, as well as traditional stores, that will allow you to create the perfect piece for that special someone.
Card/Note: When it comes to showing your love, a well-thought-out and written letter or card can really make her feel butterflies. This is the time to try and express those feeling and show your valentine just how much they mean to you! Plus, this does not cost much and has huge sentimental value.

For Him:

Chocolate/Food: While Valentine’s chocolate is typically thought of as gifts for her, men love chocolates just as much, and appreciate getting them on this special day as well. Those aphrodisiac qualities work for men too, so it’s a great way to help set the mood.
Bourbon (Favorite Spirit): If your man loves his bourbon or whiskey (or any other type of spirit), getting him a nice bottle of his favorite will definitely be a hit.
Pictures/Mementos: Here is a great opportunity to personalize your Valentine’s gift this year. Guys usually do not do this for themselves but really appreciate having these items as gifts.

Unique Gifts

While the classics are a good starting point, if you have been with someone for a while you might require something different this year. Valentines Day is all about showing your love, so don’t be afraid to step outside the classics gift to find something that they will truly love.

For Her:

The Night Sky: Did the stars align when you and your valentine met? Well, know you can give her a picture of those magical stars. These have become popular in the last few years. They are pictures of the stars on a particular night.
Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles Kit: Now chocolate is a must, but why not do it with a twist this year. Since dining out might not be an option this year, plan on using this as a fun home dessert to end the night with something tasty. She will love the creativity and it will be something memorable for both of you.
Personalized Love Story Book: Love is personal, so the best gift to say “I love you” could only be a personalized book! This customizable book is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Celebrate your unique relationship by saying exactly what it is that makes her special to you.

For Him:

Custom Watch: Guys always need a good watch, why not get one that will remind him of you every time looks at it. You can even put a special message engraved on the back for that extra touch.
Chocolate Body Paint: Skip dinner and head straight for dessert with this sinfully sweet Valentine’s Day gift for him. This one present he won’t forget anytime soon. A paintbrush is included so apply liberally and enjoy.
A Proper Beard Grooming Kit: If you man as beard, they most certainly require ways to keeping it looking nice. There are some great kits available that will help him bring out his inner lumberjack but allow him to keep his beard tame.

Money is No Option:

If you’re in the mood to spoil your Valentine this year, and money is no option, then there are some really fun options available that will make your Valentine feel on top of the world.

For Her:
Diamonds! : The sparkle from diamond earrings or a necklace will have your valentines falling in love all over again. Make sure to slip a special note in the box to top it off.
Surprise Trip: With the cold weather upon us, a surprise trip to a nice beach or resort will make this Valentine’s day extremely memorable.
Spa Day: Either as a couple or with her friends, a day at the spa will make any woman feel amazing.

For Him:
New Set of Golf Clubs: If your man likes to hit the links, getting him a new set of clubs will surely make his Valentine’s day. Plus it will remind him of you every time he is out on the course!
Surprise Trip: Want to blow his mind! Plan a surprise trip to a resort or your favorite vacation spot! Being able to get away, especially in the winter is always a winner.
New Tech: Either a new phone, computer, or even the new PS5/Xbox will have your many jumping up and down. Getting the latest and greatest new gadgets will be a hit and something he will most likely be showing off to all his friends, thanks to you.

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