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New Year, New You! Time to Get in Shape: Peleton or Echelon?

Have you been missing the gym? If you’re playing it safe and working out at home, the Echelon or the Peleton spin bike may be for you.

Owning a spin bike is a great alternative to the gym, and the Echelon offers live spin classes via their app to make your workout exciting and strenuous. Spinning is relatively low impact on your body, but gives a high intensity workout. Here are the pros and cons of owning an Echelon vs. Peleton.

Echelon Pros: 

🙂 It costs less than 1/2 of the price of a Peleton

🙂 It has 32 levels of resistance

🙂 It is smaller and weighs less than a Peleton

🙂 It has 2-sided pedals so that you can switch between a SPD pedal or a shoe with a cage

🙂 It has a very quiet flywheel

🙂 The design is sleek and ergonomic

Echelon Cons: 

🙁 The flywheel is at the rear of the bike and may be a hazard for small kids

🙁 It does not come assembled, additional fee is required for assembly

🙁 Instructors for the live classes aren’t as high caliber versus Peleton

🙁 It does not have a built in screen

Peleton Pros:

🙂 22″HD built-in display for the app

🙂 App is more user friendly

🙂 Live classes are more popular vs. Echelon

🙂 It is delivered and assembled in your home

🙂 Features a smoother and more advanced resistance system vs. Echelon

🙂 Pedals are designed for cycling shoes

Peleton Cons:

🙁 The price is DOUBLE the price of the Echelon

🙁 It is slightly heavier vs. Echelon

🙁 It uses a belt drive system, which can deteriorate over time

The Bottom line:

If you can afford it, you’re not going to go wrong with a Peleton. But if you are more price conscious- the Echelon is for you. Both deliver a fantastic workout and you’ll be saving money in the long run versus most gyms.


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