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5 Smart Devices to Improve Your Golf Game

The Players Championship starts today, so what better time to take a look at all the smart toys out there to improve your golf game. Smart devices are everywhere and in everything, golf just seems a natural fit. We are always looking to drop our score and an edge up and we need the data to do this. Well these 5 devices will have you the envy of your club house and playing like a pro.


1. Cobra’s “first connected golf club.”

The $349 King F7 Driver pairs the club with a smartphone app that allows you to track your game via GPS. Beyond that, the club features three different centers of gravity, allowing you three different potential approaches and flight paths. Say that again, yes it is Equipped with 3 Center of Gravity settings for maximum distance.It features an Arccos sensor seamlessly integrated into the grip to automatically record each drive, providing real-time stats for distance and accuracy. Not to mention it is one of the baddest drives out there even with out the connect.


2. GolfBoard

This electric-powered vehicle, which evokes a skateboard or snowboard, replaces a golf cart and promises to literally speed up your round of golf. Recently it’s gone from something vaguely futuristic to something you can find at more than 300 courses worldwide. You can even buy your own. Prices start at $6,500 for the standard model that motors up to 10 mph. Yes it looks like fun, and yes it will provide endless hours of youtube fail videos.




3. FX-Sport VC Golf headphones

FX-Sport specializes in wireless sport headphones. Its new VC Golf model is called “the first psychological coaching device for golf.” On it, you can access hours of soothing, sage words from golf gurus — they get in your head so you don’t lose yours. It’s listed at $199. The Headphones are preloaded with many hours’ worth of psychological coaching, mental preparation, practice drills and workouts, from world class golf psychologists, coaches and trainers. All practice drills have a strong emphasis on the psychological. Advice on how to focus, what to focus on and what to do when things are not progressing as you would like. I wish I could change the voice to Ty Webb. Be the ball Danny!





4. TLink GPS Golf Watch

Wearable golf tech that displays instant yardage ⏤ the distance to the back, middle, and front of the green ⏤ on 40,000+ courses worldwide. Simply open up the GPS app on your smartphone, connect TLink with your phone. Never worry about what club to use, you have the data right there.




5. SetupEye

Im pretty sure this was frowned upon in Caddyshack 2 but If your alignment is off, then you aren’t going to come anywhere close to firing on target. SetupEye uses lasers and “target lock technology” to help golfers take dead aim with absolute confidence. Simply lock onto the flag or your chosen target through the viewfinder, press the button, and place the device on the ground between you and your golf ball. From there, just follow the shooting green lightsaber as it points the way.


The Final Thought

You got the ultimate club to track your swing from your drives, the watch to tell you exactly how far to the pin and a golf coach in your ear. You are navigating the course quickly and stylishly on your gold board and you have the target locked on the hole to nail this last putt, see you at the tavern for a beer you golf pro.

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