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Back to School Tips: What to Buy and How to Save

When you’re shipping your little ones off to school, the last thing you want is for them to be underequipped. In the modern classroom, things are fast-paced, interconnected and competitive. Getting high marks is harder now than ever before, so making sure your kids are outfitted with the best gear is a must to help them stay competitive. Today we’re going over the must-have tech and best deals you can find on back-to-school gear.

Back to School Tips

Only Shop Deals

Between buying back-to-school clothes, school supplies and new tech the kids might need for school, you might find yourself spending a lot of money on them. This is why we highly recommend you only shop for deals this time of year. If you just buy the first thing you see every time you walk into a store, you’re going to find yourself seriously strapped for cash in no time.

Make sure you’re getting deals on all school supplies that start around at least 40% off. For clothes, buy either steep discounts, like 30% off or better, or buy secondhand clothes that are significantly cheaper than brand-new. When it comes to tech, it’s okay to buy laptops or tablets that are a few generations behind to save a few hundred bucks. Make sure you make that cash last!

Don’t Get Distracted

There are tons of gadgets and gizmos that you might think the kids could need for school. Things like e-readers might seem like sensible purchases until you realize that a tablet does the same thing, but can also double as a notepad and research aid. Don’t let marketing hype trick you into buying tons of stuff that your kid doesn’t actually need for school.

Another example of this is stores selling back to school clothes in big “sales events” without actually offering significant discounts. Remember, there are tons of stores you can go to in order to find deals on clothes. If you go to a department store and see absurdly high “sale” prices on clothes, it’s best to leave and look for better deals elsewhere.

Power vs Convenience

If you plan to buy your kid a laptop for school or for college, it’s best to know what you’re looking at. A lot of high-end laptops might look like they’re great for students, but think critically. How much power does a student really need to write research papers and type notes? A super high-end processor and a 4K screen might be a bit of overkill on a device meant to help with studies.

We recommend prioritizing a smaller laptop, something like a Chromebook or a netbook. These are less expensive than high-end gaming laptops, offer a smaller, more portable profile, and don’t guzzle battery charge as quickly. These things all make them ideal for putting in a school bag and carrying from class to class to take notes. Your tech-savvy youngster might be begging for a super-powered laptop with tons of RAM and great graphics, but they’ll appreciate not lugging that heavy beast all over campus.

Fitness Tracker

If you’re sending a kid off to college and they seem interested in fitness, it might be worth looking into getting them a fitness tracker. Examples like the FitBit and Apple Watch are great for keeping track of time spent exercising and calories burned. They can also serve as handy ways to keep from opening the smartphone and scrolling ad infinitum when it’s study time!

Many people who use smart watches or fitness trackers that pair with their phones have noted their time saving functionality. Since you don’t have to open your phone to see the time or check an incoming message, you don’t have the same desire to start scrolling through your social media feeds. This frees up that much more time to study and do schoolwork!

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