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Review: Medical Alert Systems

If you have been looking into buying a medical alert system, our team has put together a quick review on the leading options:

How Medical Alert Systems work:

Nearly all medical alert systems for seniors have a button that can be pushed if they are experiencing a medical emergency, fall or otherwise. The emergency button can come in the form of an alert bracelet, necklace or a watch. All systems are connected to an off-site emergency response system. Most systems come with a 2-way communication feature to help assess the situation and dispatch appropriate help or response. Apart from lifesaving benefits for the individual who may be in need, a Medical Alert System is also very beneficial for extended family who can receive notifications. Overall, these systems provide security and independence for those that may need them as well as peace of mind for extended families.

Most recommended Medical Alert Systems:

  1. Medical Alert  Medical Alert is one of the nations’s largest providers of emergency monitoring systems. Packages start at $19.95 a month with no activation fees. A+rating with the Better Business Bureau. One free month and free shipping when you sign up for an annual plan.
  2. One Call Alert One Call Alert relies entirely on AT&T’s nationwide service for home and mobile devices. This means there is no need for a landline or wifi. Wearable in-home devices have a battery life of over five years with no need to charge them. Plans can be customized and start at $29.95
  3. MobileHelp:  MobileHelp is an FDA certified and offers on the go and residential plans. One standout is their Mobile Duo plan which is great for couples or roommates and provides protection for two individuals for the price of one. Other features include medication reminders as well as cellular and landline options. Pricing starts at $19.95 per month.

Overall Benefits:

Investing in a Medical Alert System can free you from the anxiety of being alone during a medical emergency. Features like automated fall detection, automated notifications and caregiver tracking will give independence and security to the disabled and elderly.



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