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The Best Deals: 70% Off Eyeglasses!

When it comes time to buy glasses, it won’t surprise you to hear that your prescription is going to be expensive. That goes double if you’re buying from your eye doctor’s office, as they have a pretty sizable markup on spectacles. Where should you go to buy your glasses, then? Certainly there’s somewhere you can go to find a better deal on glasses than your doctor’s office, right? Let’s look at some places you can go to save a couple of bucks on your next pair of glasses.

Best Deals on Glasses

Getting Your Prescription

Once your eye doctor gives you a checkup on your eyes, they’ll write you a prescription for glasses. When they do so, ask them for a copy of it. They’ll likely encourage you to buy your glasses from their office, though you’re under no obligation to do so. It’s unlikely your eye doctor will have any issue giving you a copy of your prescription, but if they do, don’t stress!

Legally, any licensed eye doctor has to give you a copy of your prescription. If your doctor isn’t cooperating in giving you your prescription after you’ve paid for the appointment, you should remind them that it is their legal obligation to do so. If they continue to insist you buy your glasses from them before they hand over such a prescription, it’s time to contact your local medical authority and find a new eye doctor.

Online or In Store?

First, consider whether you’d like to buy your glasses online or from a store. Make sure you’ve got your prescription from your eye doctor and consider which option you like better. When you shop online, you get to avoid the long lines and traffic associated with shopping out and about. On the other hand, you’ve also got to wait for shipping, and you can’t try frames on to see how they look on you.

Shopping in-store allows you to see the glasses on your face before you sign up for the frames. Likewise, you can leave with the glasses you buy in-hand and won’t have to wait for shipping, which is nice. On the flip side, it’s often a bit pricier to go through any in-person retailers, as you can often find tremendous deals on glasses online.

Costco Wholesalers

If you have a Costco card and you need a new pair of glasses, you’re in luck. Costco is noted as one of the least expensive places to pick up glasses in-store in the country. All you need to do is bring them your prescriptions! Unlike LensCrafters, who have an average glasses cost of $369, Costco offers an average cost of $184 for their glasses. That’s considerable savings when you look at the glasses: they’re identical.

Keep in mind that Costco, while inexpensive, isn’t the best deal out there on glasses. There are even better discounts you can find on glasses if you go through certain online retailers.

Online Discounts

There are a number of online sites you can go through to save a ton on glasses. Examples include, and These websites allow you to get a pretty sizable discount on your glasses through their bare-bones distribution. For examples, Zenni Optical grinds their lenses in China, uses low-cost materials for frames and includes shipping in the costs.

Often, these sites keep the costs low by offering no ongoing service on the eyeglasses they sell. Once you buy the glasses, they’re yours, and any damage they incur is up to you to fix. However, when you can just buy another pair for under $50, this is a reasonable trade-off for some people.

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