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Best Kids Internet Monitoring Programs

It can be hard to parent effectively in the age of information. The internet is a big, unregulated place full of things kids probably shouldn’t see. While the simplest solution is to simply keep young children away from the internet, that’s an unlikely solution. That’s where these internet monitoring programs come in!

Best Internet Monitoring Programs

Net Nanny Review

This service is so well-known that its name is almost synonymous with internet monitoring programs in general. This service costs $40 a month, which makes it a bit on the pricier side. However, it works across multiple platforms and offers control directly from an app. If you have Android, that is! Sorry, iPhone users.

Net Nanny allows you to choose from a variety of filters to stop access to tons of different types of content. Most monitoring services prevent access to nudity or violence, of course. Net Nanny lets you increase the granularity of what is filtered, however. This allows you to rest easy knowing your children’s particular fears or phobias are being filtered out.

Symantec Norton Family Premier Review

Norton, well-known for their antivirus software, also has a well-regarding internet monitoring service. This service is highly recommended, due to its high-quality web interface and strong filtering tools. You can monitor and filter access from all devices that are connected to a network. This allows you to keep your children safe no matter what device they’re using.

The only downside to Norton’s service is that it isn’t available on Mac. If your household doesn’t own a Mac, however, you have nothing to worry about. Another notable shortcoming is a lack of strong social media controls, but you can always just ban social media sites outright to avoid the problem. What 8-year-old needs Facebook, anyway?


A well-made and easy-to-use tracker, Qustodio works across Macs, Windows and mobile devices. It allows for strong filtering and monitoring tools, as well. It has a somewhat outdated web interface, but that’s outweighed by the strength of its monitoring and filtering. If your house has a wide variety of devices, from iOS to Android to Macs and PCs, this is the best monitoring program for you.

The only notable downside to Qustodio is its relatively high price. The service runs $50, which is a touch expensive. However, it’s well-worth the robust monitoring and peace of mind it offers.

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