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Live Life in 4K with These Ultra Resolution Monitors!

While 4K technology has been available for some time now, it is becoming more and more affordable. More video games, streaming services and computer programs are taking advantage of the crystal-clear resolution, and we have our picks for best 4K monitors, all in one place for you to review! Check it out!

BenQ PD3200U 32″ 4K Designer Monitor

This monitor from BenQ has a very interesting feature: dual upstream USB ports, allowing for two computers to be hooked into one monitor and controlled from the same keyboard and mouse. For those who want a 4K picture experience with excellent color and crispness and the convenience of cooirdinating a dual-computer set-up, this BenQ monitor is a great choice. This one also has the added benefit of not requiring scaling, meaning that most third-party apps won’t give you any trouble, and its tremendous 32″ size makes for a gorgeous viewing experience! The only downside to this one is the price: it goes for a fairly steep $800.

Dell P2715Q

As far as older model monitors go, this Dell is a great choice for 4K viewing. Thanks to Dell’s awesome three-year warranty, you don’t need to worry about dead pixels ruining your viewing experience, and this monitor has a fantastic viewing experience at that. Excellent color quality pairs with its DisplayPort input’s 60 Hz 4K picture to make for a fantastic picture quality. This monitor has multiple USB 3 ports and a very adjustable, user-friendly stand for ergonomic viewing angles. For a reasonable $430, this Dell is a great choice. The only downsides are its relative age and large bezels, which somewhat cut into the otherwise stellar picture.

Dell P2415Q

For those who want a great-looking 4K image but have less desk space to dedicate to a monitor, this 24″ Dell is a great choice. This monitor is essentially just a smaller P2715Q, with comparable colors and black values, and all the same bells and whistles as its larger sibling. It also sports a USB 3 hub and is under the same excellent 3-year warranty and has a very adjustable stand. This one runs around $350, making it a significantly lower price point than the P2715Q. Much like its sibling, however, this monitor has large, unsightly bezels that cut into the image, but this is a small gripe. The P2415Q is certainly the greatest 24″ 4K monitor on the market, and if you’re looking for a smaller 4K experience, this is right for you!

LG 27UD68P-B

Our favorite 4K monitor, this LG impresses at every level. For $400 this is a fantastic value, sporting user-friendly menus and amazing picture. The color accuracy and black values of this display are some of the best on the market, and there is no better monitor for the price. LG has always been known for quality displays, and this is no exception to that reputation. This monitor also supports the new FreeSync technology, an adaptive scaling technique that pairs with compatible AMD graphics cards to minimize graphical tearing. If you’re looking for the very best in 4K monitors for a very reason

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