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Don’t Ignore a Plumbing Leak!

If you have ever ignored a leaky faucet or pipe, you’re not alone. It may seem like it is not a big deal, but plumbing leaks can lead to water damage, mold, foundation cracks and other bigger problems that may cost a lot of $$$!  Fixing the issue yourself or with a plumber is easier and cheaper than you think. Depending on your issue, there are many easy fixes that you can do without the need to call a plumber.

Easy DIY Plumbing Fixes:

1. Stop a Toilet from Running: One of the easiest and most often ignored plumbing problem. A leaky stop valve or broken floater valve is usually the culprit. This is a very easy problem to solve, just ensure you shut off the toilet water valve first.

2. Replacing a Showerhead: When you notice a reduction in pressure replacing your shower head is as easy as unscrewing the existing shower head and replacing it with a new one. That’s it!

3. Caulking Around a Bathtub or Sink: If you notice deteriorating or cracked seals in your bathroom or kitchen, re-caulking is an easy way to prevent bigger leaks and water damage. Remove the old caulk with a putty knife or razor blade, then apply new caulk using a caulking gun. All can be purchased for under $10.

4. Unclog a Drain: Try to avoid using liquid drain cleaners or solvents. Over time, these products can eat away at your pipes. To avoid future clogs, simply install a hair catcher. They are very cheap and will help you avoid future problems.

Plumbing Fixes that Need a Professional:

1. A Rapid Water Supply Line Leak: You’ll know it when it happens- suddenly there may be water coming out of the ceiling or other places where you know it shouldn’t. Turn off your water main and call a plumber!

2. A Sewer Line Leak: This typically happens outside, when a blocked or broken sewer line causes a backup into your house. This is a big (and smelly!) problem to fix that you do not want to tackle yourself.

3. Your Water Heater has a Natural Gas Leak: If you smell gas around the water heater area, this is not normal. Typically the thermocouple may have malfunctioned, or there are leaks in the pipes leading to the heater. Not a problem to take lightly or handle yourself!

The bottom line is to ensure that you take care of plumbing problems quickly. If ignored, small problems can become big problems, and big problems often cost big money.


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