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LG Cinebeam 4k Projector Truly Beams

The latest tech from the South Korean manufacturer LG is set to embrace the Ultra-HD revolution in its LG Cinebeam 4k Projector, specifically the all-new HU80KA 4K Projector that we saw at CES earlier this year: LG has just released that the portable projector starting at  $2,999.

The Great

  • Bright
  • Light
  • Beautiful Picture
  • Ultimately Portable
  • Best Value for 4k Screen Size

The Not

  • Limited Light Lifetime

The Conclusion

The LG Cinebeam 4k Projector is LG’s brightest projector yet, able to display a 150-inch picture at 2,500 lumens, while its HD projectors top out at 2,000 lumens. To take advantage of this extra brightness, the HU80KA also supports high dynamic range via HDR10, though unfortunately, Dolby Vision doesn’t appear to be supported. Two built-in 7-watt speakers provide enough audio power in case you’re bringing the projector with you, but you can easily connect it to an external speaker system or sound bar using the optical output, HDMI, or wirelessly via Bluetooth.


The LG Cinebeam 4k Projector is a versatile and beautifully glorious black box. Spunky one-two 7 W speakers that you can choose to hook up to external speakers and sound bars via optical or Bluetooth. Size and weight, this compact package comes in at about 14 pounds, but delivers far above its competition with a stunningly sharp laser engine that projects up to 2,500 lumens, allowing crisp viewing even in bright conditions. Coupled with LG’s innovative Trumotion Technology, the compact box paints an amazing 150″ screen (74″ by 132″) on your wall from 14.1 feet. Do the math, and a screen 70″ or greater can be projected directly on the ceiling. Makes it Nice for viewing in bead but also just adding a nice Star light canopy or thunderstorm right above your bed.

LG Cinebeam 4k Projector 77 Inch OLED

Even a mammoth 77-inch OLED is dwarfed by a 150-inch picture, and that’s exactly what the new LG Cinebeam 4k Projector UHD projector brings to the table. Even better, the CineBeam is available now for a price that is close to what you’d expect to pay for a 75-inch 4K TV — not bad for what promises to be one of the best home theater projectors around.

Not only can the LG Cinebeam 4k Projector deliver a huge picture, but it does so in a compact, portable form that doesn’t require you to find a table or stand for setting it at the exact right height. LG Says, as the projector’s mirrorless I-shaped engine allows the projector to display without problems whether it’s mounted on the wall, hung from the ceiling, or placed on the floor.


The Final Thought

Will the projector outclass OLED in terms of black levels? Probably not – especially without the aid of more advanced HDR formats like Dolby Vision or HDR10+. But, that said, its portability and price may help LG’s latest beamer beat out the competition in its design class.

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