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An Easier Way to Sell on eBay

The updated mobile app from the veteran online marketplace will make it much easier to upload your stuff. The new eBay app, which has already rolled out on both iOS and Android, allows users to upload an item in a just a few seconds.

Scan and Go

The biggest change to the app is the addition of a barcode scanner, along with a product search feature. The app works best if you have the original box since you can simply scan the barcode. However, if you didn’t hang on to the box, never fear! You can still look up the name of the product in eBay’s extensive database and pull up the necessary information.

The app fills out the majority of the fields for you although you’ll still need to enter the item’s condition. For many items, eBay is even able to provide images from its library, suggest a price, and calculate shipping costs. You can edit any of the pre-populated fields as needed.

The Power of Data

The new app builds on the simplified selling tools debuted by eBay last year. Using structured data and predictive analytics, the platform draws on its vast database of listings to cut down on the time it takes to upload an item. They hope that the streamlined process will make the platform more appealing to current sellers and newbies alike.

“At eBay, we’re dedicated to delivering a seamless and efficient selling experience for both first-time and seasoned sellers alike,” says Kelly Vincent, eBay’s VP of Consumer Selling Product & Engineering. “This is one of many enhancements we’ll be making this year. We’ll continue to leverage structured data and new technology developments to help our sellers ‘get it sold.’”

Limited Features

Unfortunately, sellers who trade in vintage or unique items will find that the new app has limited functionality. The lack of barcodes on vintage items and the variability in condition means that these sellers will still need to enter most of their information by hand and upload their own photos instead of using the provided stock images available for newer mass-market products.

Increased Competition

When it arrived on the scene over 20 years ago, eBay was a revolutionary way to sell online. Since then, resale apps like OfferUp, Poshmark, LetGo, and ThredUp have emerged to pose serious competition. Facebook’s Marketplace has also claimed a piece of the online resale pie, focusing on connecting local sellers and buyers.

Although there are over 13 million listings added to the site each week using the mobile app, eBay is betting that their faster, simpler uploading process will keep the platform competitive.

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