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Top Apps for Encouraging Mental Health

Mental health is a serious issue. Medical studies report that mood disorders like anxiety and depression are the third-highest cause for hospitalization among adults 18-44. A few steps anyone can take towards bettering their mental state include regular exercise and a healthy diet. However, there are other steps available too. As always, if you are able, seek professional help for mental disorders that are negatively impacting your quality of life. None of these apps should be considered a substitute for a doctor. That said, these apps all make great companions to help you promote healthy mental health habits!



Photo Credit: Routine Coach 

Stress and anxiety are the main focus of Pacifica. Connecting users with a community of supportive people experiencing similar things, Pacifica is a great platform. The app also offers audio lessons to help with relaxation and mindfulness. Meditation and relaxation are also part of the app’s repertoire. Pacifica is described as an app that “helps break cycles of unhealthy thoughts.”  

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