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Top Health and Fitness Apps: Get Active, Stay Active

It’s getting warm outside and you’re thinking about getting in shape in time for summer. That’s cool, and a really reasonable pursuit. Maybe you’re not sure how to get fit, though.

Today we’re going to break down some of the best health and fitness apps. It’s time to get active and stay active!

Top Health and Fitness Apps

Fitbit Coach

If you’re getting into app fitness, you might have a smartwatch. If your smartwatch is the Fitbit tracker, then Fitbit Coach is for you. This app offers guided workouts via both audio and video, helping show you the best ways to tackle your fitness.

There are workouts for the gym, for outside and for at home. That makes the Fitbit Coach app one of the most flexible fitness apps, allowing you to tailor your workout routine to your work and home life. Remember, getting fit doesn’t have to make you change your schedule!


There’s a lot to love about Aaptive. This fitness app is audio-based and gives you access to fitness trainers and fitness programs that are top-notch. If you want an app version of a top-level fitness program then this is for you.

Aaptive is great for those who want to be able to have an instructor and a gym-like program but can’t afford the time or money for a gym membership. There’s no compromise with Aaptive: it’s the full gym experience, just delivered to your phone and available at home.


ROMWOD is an app that gives you access to tons of great stretches and cooldown exercises. If you often exercise but feel yourself being stiff and tight afterward, you could use this app. Its numerous features are all available through the iPhone app, so you can start stretching and keeping your muscles limber right away from your phone.


There are a ton of exercises out there, and they all target different parts of the body. With all these muscles to try to tone and all the various exercises, how do you keep track of everything? That’s where Jefit comes in. This app functions like a fitness library.

There are tons of exercises for various muscles and muscle groups that you can access, and you can even store your workouts for later reading. There’s a large social aspect, too, where you can share your exercises with your friends and with the Jefit community. This is a great app for fitness nerds who love the science of getting into shape!

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