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What You Should Know Before You Remodel your Kitchen

If you’re serious about your house looking its best, one of the first places to focus is the kitchen. Who wants to have an old, worn-out looking kitchen? Certainly not us! If you’re looking into getting a kitchen remodel, here are the top things to keep in mind.

What You Should Know Before You Remodel your Kitchen

Research the Contractor

When you start with any project like this, make sure you know who you want to do it. If you’re looking at certain contractors, make sure they’re experienced and accredited. You don’t want some shady contractor coming in and charging you too much for shoddy work.

Make sure you know up front how the contractor charges. Do they accept a flat fee up front? Do they charge by the hour? These are details you want to have before they walk into your home. Also, make sure you know their policy on unexpected wrinkles. How do they handle unexpected damage, or if one of their guys breaks something?

Make sure the contractor is also experienced in the kind of work you want done. If they’ve never redone floor tiles, then maybe you should consider someone else for your floor-tile centered remodel. You want a contractor who knows the work you want done.


It’s important you make sure you know what the project is likely to cost. Get in touch with a contractor and see if you can get a good ballpark estimate of how much you can expect the project to set you back. Of course, this is going to be an estimate at first.

The cost of the project will be directly related to just how much you want done. If you just want new cabinets, that shouldn’t run you too much. If you’re get new counters, new flooring and new appliances, too, then expect to spend a pretty penny.

Get a Time Table

Make sure you know before the contractor gets started just how long to expect the work to take. How will the contractor company handle it if one of their workers falls ill or has an emergency? What is their contingency plan if some unexpected damage occurs?

Another important thing to know is whether there will be parts of your house inaccessible, and for how long. It’s hard to plan around contractors as-is, let alone without knowing when your kitchen might be inaccessible. Get this info up-front so there’s no surprises. That way you can plan your weeks around the schedule of the remodel!

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