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Best Smartwatches: Fitness Tracking and Keeping Time in Style

One of the most notable changes in wearable tech in recent years has been the shift from more sci-fi, goofy wearables like Google Glass to more practical and stylish items like smartwatches. Whether you’re a busy professional who needs a handy wrist-mounted smartphone or a fitness enthusiast looking for a good tracker, there are tons of great smartwatches for you. Let’s take a look at some of the best.

We prioritized two things in this list: firstly, price point. The best technology is the tech you can afford, so we only included smartwatches that are a good value for the features they offer. The second consideration was style. If you’re going to be wearing a piece of technology as a fashion statement, it needs to look good. Finally, and most importantly, we considered the overall usefulness of the features on display in the individual smartwatch.

FitBit Versa

If your primary reason for wanting a smartwatch is to track your fitness and tell time while you work out, then the Versa is a great choice for you. It’s notably on the lower end of the price spectrum for smartwatches, coming in at a solid $200 MSRP, and available on sale for under $170 at many retailers at time of writing. The simple and straightforward UI and barebones features can make this watch feel a little lacking for some tech enthusiasts, though it makes a solid fitness tracker.

If you’ve never owned a smartwatch, starting with the Versa wouldn’t be a bad idea. There’s not a ton of bells and whistles to keep up with, nor are there complex menus to navigate to get to your fitness data. For someone looking for a straightforward and no-nonsense smartwatch for fitness tracking, the FitBit Versa makes a great workout companion.

Apple Watch Series 4

The big, bold OLED face and the advanced heart monitoring functionality set the Apple Watch Series 4 apart from the competition in a big way. The signature square face with rounded corners makes the Apple Watch recognizable at a glance, and an easy status symbol for Apple faithful. A variety of stylish and functional bands are available from Apple’s own store, and numerous third-party outfitters make their own bands for the popular watch.

Fitness features are a huge draw to Apple’s smartwatch. Advanced features for tracking heartrate over activity can even detect ECG! The watch can automatically detect workouts and track your runs, allowing you to keep track of your fitness with ease. The waterproof construction and loud speaker are also huge plusses for the stylish little smartwatch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

In much the same way that the Apple Watch is the smaller iteration of the iPhone’s design, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is the scaled-down answer to Samsung’s own Galaxy smartphones. Much like the phones it gets its name from, it’s a solid competitor to Apple’s offering for fans of Samsung’s designs. The design is light and simple, and it’s a great companion for any fitness enthusiast. Robust fitness features like exercise tracking and great heartrate monitoring make this a stellar option for those looking for a fitness tracker.

One of the best aspects of the Galaxy Watch Active is the price point. Coming in at only $200, it’s a fair sight more affordable than a lot of the competition, but it still offers comparable features. Many people prefer the round face, making it appear more like a traditional wristwatch. In fact, many watch faces mirror the appearance of a wristwatch, making the device more discreet and less flashy than some of the competition, too. This could be a pro or a con depending on your style.

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