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The Secret Hack To Getting Your Taxes Done During Coronavirus!!

It’s that time of year again. Tax time, the time when you know you need to get out and get your taxes prepared. Maybe you’re notorious for putting it off, since it can be pricey.

However, there are a number of ways to get your taxes prepared for FREE during COVID-19! In fact, you can even get your taxes prepared online for completely free today! Here are some of the best sites to use for free tax preparation during this pandemic.

Free Tax Preparation During COVID-19


FreeTaxUSA is a user-friendly and well-made site for tax preparation. The site is very straightforward, easily walking you through filing your taxes step-by-step. If you’re worried about your taxes being too complex to fill out online, don’t. This site offers you a very thorough helping hand in getting everything filed easily.

While the federal return is totally free through this site, filing a state return through this site costs money. On average it costs about $12, so make sure you factor that in when you’re considering your tax filing. Keep in mind that it’s most likely that any tax prep site you use will require a small fee for filing a state return.

H&R Block

Many people are much more familiar with H&R Block due to their physical tax preparation locations. However, H&R Block also offers a free tax filing service through their website. While preparing online might not sound like the normal H&R Block, it’s actually a rather streamlined and easy-to-use site.

Not all types of returns can be prepared on the site for free, however. As with most sites, state returns will still require a fee to be sent in from their site. Additionally, more complex tax returns could include a fee for filing.

The upside to H&R Block is that if your taxes prove too complex to fill out online, you can go to one of their physical locations. Then, a tax-preparer can get you set up in-person! Keep in mind, however, that using in-person tax preparation won’t be free.


As their numerous commercials have proclaimed, TurboTax allows you to file your federal return for free. As you might expect, this doesn’t apply to state returns, which include a small fee. Much like FreeTaxUSA, TurboTax offers a great user interface for inputting all of your tax information.

You won’t have to worry about forgetting something or getting lost. If you miss a box or need to input more info, the useful client will remind you. You can rest assured with TurboTax that your return will be accurate before you submit it!

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