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No Degree? Great Jobs that are Right for You

Not everyone gets to, or wants to, go to college. After all, it’s expensive and time consuming, and you’ve got bills to pay and a life to live. That’s not a problem! College isn’t for everyone. However, now you’re looking for a good job to make ends meet. What kind of good jobs are available for someone without a degree? Let’s find out.

Great Jobs for People without a College Degree

Drive for Uber Eats or DoorDash

This has been a big year for food delivery services with increased orders and larger orders overall, and that’s a great thing if you’re looking for a flexible side hustle. There are lots of options on the market, and today, I’m looking at DoorDash vs. Uber Eats to see which is best for drivers. DoorDash and Uber Eats both offer customers a convenient way to get on-demand food delivery from restaurants and grocery stores.

Truck Driver

If you don’t mind the open road and long trips across country, there’s a lot of money to be made as a trucker. Once you have a commercial trucking license, you’re a hot commodity. This kind of job isn’t for everyone, but it will ensure a great deal of financial security.

Staying up for long hours, driving to new places and having a flexible schedule are all part of the job. If you don’t have a problem being away from home for days at a time, you could make a great trucker. Companies are always hiring, and the average pay is around $50,000 per year. That’s not bad for a job that doesn’t require a degree.

Hotel Management

Getting in on the ground floor of a hotel isn’t terribly difficult, and doesn’t require a degree. However, it might require you work some pretty crazy hours. Most hotels tend to start people, especially front desk staff, as overnight workers.

If you go in with an open mind, work hard and keep your nose to the grindstone, you could find yourself promoted rapidly. Hotels are always looking for good people, so the cream will rise to the top. Management could provide some great opportunities, including benefits like medical insurance and paid time off.

Web Development

People with a knack for coding and design are naturally drawn to computer-based professions. As it turns out, you don’t need a college degree to be a contractor in the field. Contractors can set their own hours and their own rates. Staying competitive isn’t a matter of education, just a matter of skill.

If you’re good with computers and can design great websites, you could have a future as a web developer. Keep in mind, however, that most developers work as contractors, not employees. This means you’ll have to cover your own health insurance and pay your own half of Social Security come tax time.