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4 Secrets to Save the Most $$$ on a Flight

Everyone loves traveling, and the most time-efficient way to go large distances is by flying. However, flying can be expensive, especially if you don’t fly frequently enough to rack up frequent flyer miles and earn savings that way. If you don’t fly often but want to find the best deals, where should you start? Today we’re answering just that with our guide to low-budget flights and saving money while traveling.

Saving Money on a Flight

Fly Coach

This might sound like pretty obvious advice, but our first tip is that you fly coach. While it can be tempting to fly first class to make the trip plush and nice, there’s nothing wrong with saving money by buying the least expensive ticket you can find. After all, the more you save on the flight, the more you can spend when you get to your destination!

There’s nothing wrong with hanging in the back of the plane in a smaller seat with less fancy amenities. It’s not like you’re going to have to spend more than a few hours in the plane, so why spend as much as double the ticket price just to get a bigger seat and a bit more legroom? In either case, you’re on the same plane, going to the same destination, taking the same amount of time.

Search Incognito

When you’re searching around to find the best deals on plane tickets, make sure you’re doing so incognito. To open an incognito window, just click in the top right of your browser’s settings and hit “open new Incognito Window.” This makes it so sites can’t track your cookies and keep up with who you are, allowing you to go under the radar.

This is to help you get the lowest price by sidestepping a sneaky airline trick. Airlines will continually jack up the price of tickets the more you view them online, in order to get you to panic and buy them sooner rather than later. To avoid paying this extra amount, shop incognito to keep them from tracking your browsing habits.

Stay Off Major Search Engines

Sorry, Google, but you’re not great for airline prices. Most major search engines get a cut of ticket prices when they help generate sales, so the prices you’ll see through them are also inflated. This is another scummy upcharge that you would do well to side-step entirely in order to find the best price. Instead of going through major search engines, you can look for budget airlines through broader engine searches.

These include options like SkyScanner, which helps you find the best deals on specifically airlines, and Momondo, a broad search engine that can sometimes fetch budget airlines even cheaper than SkyScanner. Other great options you could check out include AirFare Watchdog, JetRadar, AirWander and Cheapoair. Remember, no one search engine is ideal: you’ll likely find the best results by using a combination of all of these options.

Find the Cheapest Booking Days/Times

It’s no secret that the prices of airline tickets can change dramatically based on when you buy them. The time of week, the time of day, the length of time until the flight leaves, all of these factors have a role to play in the cost of the ticket. Narrowing down the best time to fly out can feel a bit more mystical than scientific, though.

There are a few things you can do to make sure you’re getting the best price based on the date you buy your ticket. One of the best resources is actually the SkyScanner website, which can help you narrow down the best days and times to buy, showing you an easy-to-read calendar with clear indicators of prices. It’s really the best way to shop for airline tickets!

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