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See Why Auto Dealerships Are Desperate For Your Business This Memorial Day

When it comes to buying cars, you can wait till the end of the month and hope that the dealership will cut you a deal. Or, you can wait until a big holiday like Memorial Day and take advantage of dealerships competing with larger than normal specials for your business. Covid has hit auto dealerships especially hard this year and these deals are proof that they’re ready to fight for your business.

Start Early
When do you want to start looking for deals? The earlier you start, the better in position you’ll be to find out what each dealer is offering. But your opportunity to sieze the best deal is generally between Saturday , May 29th and Monday, May 31st. The only downside of waiting this long is that you run the risk of the vehicle you want most being out of stock.

Mid Size Sedan Sales
Kia is offering one of the best deals of the year on their flagship sedan. The Optima is $3,500 off the Special edition and LX trims. Or if those trims aren’t your style they’re offering $4,000 off their other packages. You’ll also save money on financing with 0% for up to 75 months plus 120 days of deferred payment.

Go Green and Save Green
Getting an all-electric vehicle has too many benefits to count. It’s simple, convenient and requires less maintenance than a traditional gas-powered vehicle. This Memorial Day Chevrolet is offering $8.500 of or $4,750 with 0% up to 72 months on their all electric Bolt EV. The bolt is as fun as electric cars come with over 266 lbs of near virtually instant torque and a 0-60 time of 6.5 seconds.

Room For the Family
The 2021 GMC Acadia Is a spacious SUV with more style and refinement than most would expect. It’s a great choice for families. The flexibility of a second and third row fold-flat seating system ensures the interior can change with you. This memorial day you can get $4,000 of all packages but the SL along with 0% financing for up to 84 months.

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