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Best New Mattress Deals!

Are you in the market for a new Mattress? The new year is traditionally a great time to find savings for big purchases like mattresses.

Most mattress companies release new models in June, making Black Friday weekend a great time to shop for Mattresses. Our team put together a quick guide on factors you should consider when buying a new Mattress.
What Type of Mattresses are there? Which one is for me?

Foam: All foam mattresses are rising in popularity and availability. Foam mattresses of all ranges of quality will feel like they are ‘hugging’ you. If that’s a plus for you, check out foam mattresses.

Innersprings: This style is the ‘classic’, and innerspring mattresses have many variables to consider. Coil count, coil gauge, comfort layer, cooling, outer cover and pillow top are all worth asking about when shopping.

What is your Sleep Style?

Back and Stomach: Most people who primarily sleep on their back or stomach will prefer a more firm mattress.

Side: Most of the time side sleepers prefer a softer mattress to account for higher pressure on your hips and shoulders

Combo: If you change positions during your sleep, a medium-firm mattress will probably be for you.

Other Factors to consider:

Do you have Back Pain? Proper Lumbar Support is very important in a mattress if you suffer from lower back pain.

Do you snore? If snoring is a problem, consider an adjustable bed.

When do I need a new Mattress? Most experts recommend replacing your mattress every 7 to 10 years. But if you aren’t sleeping well, or have noticed a sag in your mattress, the time may be now!

What price should I expect? Mattresses typically cost between $200 and $1500. However, premium mattresses can run above $5,000. For most folks, a good quality mattress can be found around $1000.