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Keep your Mask Stylish! Check out our Top Ten Designer Masks

Let’s face it, wearing a mask is here to stay. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a great fashion statement when you’re out in public. Since the time of the outbreak, many leading designers have shifted gears and have started producing some great looking facemasks that not only show you have great style but also show that you care about your health as well as others. Here’s a look at some of the best masks our team found. If you want compliments next time you step out of the door- make sure to check out our recommendations below:


1. Johnny Was Facemasks

If you are looking for custom facemasks where design meets value, then you should try Johnny Was accessories. They are made from repurposed and assorted fabrics and come in unique floral and pattern prints. The color spectrum ranges from bright and vibrant to blues and greys. The masks are washable and reusable and are not for medical use.

Johnny Was uses different high-quality materials to make these custom facemasks. You can go for a soft silk facemask or opt for the silk charmeuse for extra luster. There is also a cotton sateen mask lineup in different prints like the tie and dye, neutral patterns, boho prints, and fall print. If you are into embroidery Johnny Was has masks made from Georgette material with embroidered designs.


The silk masks have cotton voile lining for extra protection and elastic sidebands. They also have pleats to accommodate different face sizes. On the Johhny Was site, you can get a pack of five masks for $25 or 50 pieces for $45, making them very affordable. Johnny Was also donates masks for every packet sold to charities and facilities requiring safety Coronavirus gear.


2. Reformation Facemasks

Reformation also sales non-medical grade designer masks. Their masks have tie-ups, which are much more comfortable than elastic bands. The beauty of the strands is they slip right off when tangled with your hair once you undo the knots.


The designer face masks have various prints to spice up your look. The masks are made of different materials. They are also breathable. They cover the entire mouth area without leaving any space for droplets to escape. They also have a pocket that acts as a filter.

Reformation facemasks are sold in packs. Unlike other brands, you cannot choose the design of the mask. The type of print you get is a surprise from the manufacturer. You can get mismatched prints or the same pattern in your order package. The five-pack deal is $25, and the 250 piece pack is $1,250. Shipping is free.


The fabric used in this mask is similar to the brand’s high-end fashion dresses. The safety accessories are perfectly stitched and soft against the skin. You can wash and re-use them without ruining their quality. Reformation masks are definitely worth their cost.


3. Louis Vuitton


The Louis Vuitton brand is synonymous with haute couture. It is hardly associated with health care clothing. However, they are not going to be left behind in making a much-needed fashion accessory of our time. Louis Vuitton custom facemasks are as glamorous as they come.

Although the designer brand made non-surgical fabric masks at the beginning of the pandemic, the company opted to produce face shields. The luxury face shields are transparent, covering the eye and mouth. The shield also has a monogrammed LV logo and gold studs mounted on to it.


The shield can be worn as a hat and transitions to a darker shade when exposed in the light. However, CDC’s directive on the safety accessory is while it is efficient in protecting the eyes, it does not prevent droplets from spreading. Therefore, it must be worn with a mask. The shield will be available from 30th October.


4. Burberry High-End Facemasks
Burberry is among the luxury brands that will not let the coronavirus crisis go to waste. They were the first high fashion brand to release a line of luxury facemasks. The cost of these masks is a whopping $120. These facemasks with high functionality are made from quality fabrics and laced with antimicrobial technology.


The facemasks are yet to be released but they will be available in beige and pale blue. The masks also have a pouch for safe placement after use. Burberry will donate 20% of each facemask proceed to charity.


5. Araks Protective Masks

Akars designer facemasks are made from high quality and dense cotton. The masks material is what the company uses on its clothing. The high-fashion brand’s fabric allocation for each mask is quite generous. The masks are pleated making it fit a wide range of face shapes. It also has adjustable tie-ups.


The fabric masks are not medical grade masks. They are designed to be used in non-medical situations. They come in print and floral forms making them fun to wear with everyday clothing. You could also match the safety accessory with other purchases from Araks. The protective masks cost $40.


The mask is reusable but should be hand washed for sterilization purposes. It will still be useful after multiple washing because of its high quality. You can place your order online and the mask will be delivered to you. Akars also gives 20% of all its sells to help in providing personal protective equipment for medical workers.


6. Tory Burch Facemasks


Tory Burch facemasks are marketed as accessories for women. They are also high-end facemasks with a purpose. Tory Burch sells a set of five printed facemasks at $35. The masks are made from polyester making them incredibly light making them especially useful in warm weather. Polyester absorbs moisture from the skin leaving behind a cooling effect.

Tory Burch’s designs are female-centric. The patterns are quite different from other designer facemasks in the market. They are pretty stylish too. They do not have the usual pleats. The nose and chin area is extended to accommodate the length. The straps are also simple elastic bands that come in white or black depending on the mask’s fabric design and color.

Tory Burch does not make any profits from its sales. From the $35 price tag, $25 goes to cover production costs. $5 is donated to International Medical Corps to help in the fight against Covid-19 and $5 goes to its own foundation which seeks to empower women and female entrepreneurs.


7. Cotton Citizen Masks


The cotton citizen masks are handcrafted masks made from pure cotton. They are also washed before selling. They come in eight colors from your exiting neon pink to the more toned down blues like aqua. The masks are made with two-ply cotton fabric and have a pleated nose bridge for adjustment. They are still breathable and perfect even in warm weather. The ear loops are made of elastic.


The Cotton Citizen masks tie and dye prints are subtle but not dull making them suitable for official use. They are also equally appealing to be used in non-formal occasions. The masks also come with the Cotton Citizen’s signature branding on the side of the facial mask adding a unique feel to the masks. The mask cost $28. The company offers free shopping for orders over $250 made in the US.


You can buy the masks at the company’s website or access them on Revolve’s website online at the same price. You are definitely going to make a fashion statement with these custom facemasks.


8. Chanel Facemasks


Chanel has managed to channel its brand statement on to its facemasks. The haute couture brand has made its safety masks available to ordinary people. The designs were contributed by several high fashion seamstresses in France to help combat the disease in France and around the world.


Even with the logo frequenting the masks, the masks look light, lavish and exceptional. If you are a black and white fun of Chanel’s branding you will definitely enjoy their facemask designs. The contrast between the white and black fabric is quite spectacular.

The prints look chic and classic with the logo either completely applied all over the mask or printed in a visible yet subtle appearance. They also have a pop up of color contrasting the dominant white and black masks. These Chanel masks make a huge fashion statement.


Chanel masks are made of polyester and the loop bands are made of elastic. The masks are safe for everyday use and should not be used for commercial or medical purposes. It also a one size fits all mask. The mask prices range from $15 to $17. The charges depend on the design. Shipping takes 5 to 10 business days.


9. Collina Strada Facemasks


Collina Strada is selling high fashion safety masks to help curb the spread of the pandemic. The masks are made from leftover fabrics from her haute couture fashion line. The face masks come with tie-up bows making them excellent for adjusting.

The fabrics have been carefully chosen and blend well together. With your fashion ensemble, these high fashion accessories are sure to make a statement piece. In one mask, the face-covering can have two different fabrics that are still dissimilar from the strands. Yet despite the multiplicity of the fabrics, the safety accessory still looks pristine.

A unique fashion statement. The masks are suitable for all occasions. They are elegant with perfect finishings sure to turn any eye around. Instead of pleats, the masks have an extended nose and chin region. For their sophisticated look, the masks cost $100.

Aside from their appealing look, Strada’s facemasks of high functionality have an opening for fitting the filter inside. For every mask sold by this New York-based designer, three are donated to Seedling Sovereignty.


The best way to sterilize the mask is by washing it in hot water. It can then be iron, steamed, or let to dry in the sun.


10. Virgil Abloh’s Facemasks


Virgil Abloh is selling a pack of three masks for $95. All of the proceeds from the sale are being donated to help fight the COVID virus. Virgil’s design is an art piece made entirely of cotton jersey. The fashion mogul mask is all black with elastic ear loops. They have a graphic printed in white at the front. The design is sleek with an extended portion from the nose to the chin.

Virgil’s design is for those who like cool styles. It has an artistic feel with its simplicity contrasted with the graphic in front. The simplicity of the craft makes the mask quite ideal for both formal and non-formal occasions. Just like the Virgil Abloh brand the facemask has high quality and makes a fashion statement with its unique print. The fabric masks are non-medical and are sold as final sale.