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Review: Most Affordable Luxury Cars for 2021

In the luxury car segment, there’s always room for compromises and improvements. With limitless options, specializations, and customizations, some of these vehicles can fetch staggering prices. For that, it’s critical that you always do your research before investing such huge sums of money into your next luxury car. Shopping for affordable luxury cars can be a daunting task, especially now that people can access almost every auto on the planet. As a result, our team compiled a list of 2021 new cars in the market that you can choose from. Whether you are after a classic sedan or SUV, we took the time to ensure that we captured what will interest you come 2021.

This review should cover every aspect of each machine mentioned below. For such sums of money, it’s always important that you know exactly what you are getting.

What Defines Luxury?

Buying an upscale car is about the exception that proves you invest in a vehicle that actually gets you. While affordable luxury cars may be somewhat average in some areas like the fuel economy, they excel in almost every other aspect. These include:

Curb Appeal – what’s the point of owning a luxury car if other people won’t take notice? Luxury cars know how to announce themselves in public. Large wheels, spoilers, curves abound within this category and shiny grilles. And these are just what you can see. Some of these machine’s manufacturers even sacrifice the trunks and rear seats just so they can have better aesthetics. But mostly, they just increase the vehicle’s size to accommodate everything.

Indulgence – these cars aren’t just pretty on the outside; they also feel really great. Manufacturers use only high-end materials within these cruising lounges. There’s always no lack of modern amenities either.

Cost – expressing yourself as a symbol of status isn’t cheap. It wouldn’t really do if everyone could afford these vehicles. True, many pay to rent these luxury vehicles for a few hours to a day. But purchasing them is another story. Fortunately, we compiled a list of some of the most affordable luxury cars for 2021 that you can actually afford.

Let’s get to it:

1. 2021 Mazda 6
If you are looking for a midsize sedan with a premium marque, the 2021 Mazda6 is your best buy. Going by its looks alone, the Mazda6 boasts an elegant, high-quality interior and a gorgeous deep red metallic paint color. This beauty appeals even to people who generally don’t like red cars.

It has a suggested retail price of $24,325 and a destination charge of $945. This makes its overall cost to be $25,270. Beneath the skin, the Mazda6’s suspension achieves the finest balance between comfort and agility. The seats are just ideal for long trips, making it the go-to car for people who love long-distance travel by car.

It has a turbocharged engine that comes in higher trims, adding some zest to the driver’s experience. But that means spending more money.

• Premium interior
• Optional turbocharged engine
• Exceptional handling
• Advanced driver aids are standard
• Priced competitively

• Has a small trunk
• No all-wheel drive

Overall Assessment

The Mazda6 is a serious contender for people who want only the best, premium vehicles for the 2021 travels. Its elegant, high-quality interior and sleek design make it one of the best options for drivers looking for that sleek appeal in a vehicle. And for the price, the Mazda6 should make for an awesome driving experience.

2. 2021 Genesis Gv80
This is the first-ever SUV from Genesis. It’s one of the best midsize luxury SUVs to consider buying in 2021. The GV80 was manufactured with a focus on its premium design, elegance, and quality. The manufacturers left nothing to chance when they built this beast. It has an upscale look and feel but still comes in at a slightly lower price compared to its competitors.

The GV80 has one of the most extensive driver safety aids available on the market today that offers plenty of sumptuous luxury to the driver. It also comes with a two- or three-row seating. The GV80 demands consideration as it comes with a 3.5L V6 engine. It’s an All-Wheel Drive. With all these features, the GV80 starts at $60,175, which very affordable for a luxury car with such features.

• Available third row
• Superb list of driver aids
• Elegant interior and exterior design

• Option packages add up fast
• No hybrid variant

Overall Assessment
The GV80 is a serious contender for those looking for a premium midsize SUV. It’s also an excellent choice for those seeking standard driver assistance and safety aids in their cars. And its finish is just superb. If this is what you are looking for, the GV80 is the SUV to meet your needs.

3. 2021 Audi A6
The A6 is another midsize luxury sedan that’s excellent for customers looking for technologically advanced vehicles. It should come with the latest safety assistance systems and a complete redesign from its 2020 model, adding segment-leading safety features and technology. The A6 also has a fully restyled exterior and interior and offers an excellent blend of sporty handling.

This is the car to buy if you are looking for a quiet, composed ride.
The Audi A6 is very spacious and can comfortably accommodate up to five adults. It comes with three trim levels. Its Premium Plus 2.0 design should start at $55,895. This comes with a 2.0L I4 turbo engine.

• Fancy available tech
• Superb fit and finish
• A spacious, well-appointed interior

• Upper trim levels are expensive
• Some competitors offer more engaging drives.

Overall Assessment
The A6 is a luxurious, confident, and sporty sedan that offers a comfortable and dynamic driving experience. It’s the best option for drivers seeking to own cutting-edge tech in a sleek midsized sedan.

4. 2021 BMW X5
The MBX X5 ranks are one of the most luxurious SUVs on the market. It’s set to release in November 2020 and should be a blast to drive. It has engaging, confidence-inspiring dynamics that make it a serious contender on the list of must-buy 2021 luxury cars. The BMW X5 targets drivers looking for utility and sportiness combined. It’s a 5-seater vehicle with lots of room to get comfortable. It also comes in three trim levels and is believed to start at $59,895. The BMW X5 should have a 3.5L I6 turbo engine and is Rear Wheel Drive.

• Well-rounded
• Lots of luxurious features available
• Drives like a sports sedan

• Busy dashboard
• Eight-cylinder engines are always thirsty
• Costs more than most competitors

Overall Assessment
If you are looking for a top midsize SUV for 2021, the BMW X5 is a machine to consider. It’s just a blast to drive, thanks to its engaging and confidence-inspiring dynamics. It also comes with a luxurious interior that’s available in several colors and equipment combinations.

5. 2021 Acura RDX
This is a compact luxury crossover that’s aimed more at drivers who want both luxury and performance in one machine. The Acura RDX comes in one trim level and comes with an advance package that starts at $48,925, which is relatively affordable compared to its competitors. It has a 2.0L I4 turbo engine and is All Wheel Drive.

• Its starting price is fairly below many competitors
• Apple CarPlay & Panoramic Moonroof standard
• Powerful turbocharged engine

• Its leather seats are not standard
• No available hybrid

Overall Assessment
The Acura RDX packs a lot of modern tech under the hood and is very comfortable to drive. It also fits reasonably well for a luxurious car and the price package. Its turbocharged engine and improved fuel mileage are a bonus too. This is one car manufacturer that is getting better with time.

6. 2021 Lexus ES
This is the go-to luxury vehicle for people looking for Ultra-Luxury ES grades. This vehicle model comes packed with a Standard Blind Spot Monitor and a Rear Cross Traffic Alert. You also have the luxury of choosing the ES that best fits your lifestyle and driving preferences. The enhanced 2021 ES should begin selling in early fall 2020 and should start at $40,925. It comes with a 3.5L V6 engine and is Front-Wheel Drive.

This is the midsize luxury sedan to buy this fall if you are looking for a luxury car that’s reasonably affordable and of high-quality. Its plush and quiet driving experience also makes it a serious contender among other sedans. It is a five-seater vehicle and comes in 7 trim levels. So, you always have enough space to ride comfortably. This is the hybrid powertrain that provides you with excellent fuel economy.

• Standard advanced safety tech
• Refined engine and transmission
• Impressive sound deadening

• It has non-folding back seats.

Overall Assessment
The Lexus ES is the luxury vehicle to buy for drivers who want a smooth, reliable, and quiet driving experience. It’s an excellent fit for drivers who want cars with adaptive suspensions. Its extensive noise isolation features are a bonus, too, for a pleasant driving experience.

7. 2021 BMW X6
The 2021 X6 starts at $67,350. This midsize luxury sedan has proved to be one of the best sporty rides on the market today. Its sporty design, combined with other benefits, makes it a worthy contender and addition to our list. The 2021 X6 is also set to receive a full redesign from the 2020 model. The German automaker designed the X6 with driver safety aids and the most modern infotainment tech. It also has a sleek sloped roofline, which makes it even more desirable.

The BMW X6 is also a five-seater and comes in 2 trim levels. It has a 3.0L I6 turbo engine and is All Wheel Drive. So, you can expect it to pack a lot of power while on the road.

• Standard driver safety tech
• High-quality leather interior
• Coupe styling in an SUV

• Rear seats lack headroom
• Compromised rear visibility
• Not as practical as its X5 model

Overall Assessment
The X6 is one of the best midsize luxury vehicles that you should get for your 2021 picks. It’s also a top choice for people who are looking for a more sporty but practical daily drive. It stands out in a crowd with one of the most distinct looks you will ever find in a car.

8. 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLE
Here’s another midsize luxury SUV that looks the part where there is talk about luxury vehicles. Under its hood is a 4.0L V8 turbocharged engine that pumps out a staggering 603 horsepower. This is the machine you want to buy if you are looking for a luxurious but practical vehicle that commands attention on the road.

The Mercedes-Benz GLE also comes in three trim levels and is set to start at $57,745.

• Available three-row seating
• High-performance trims
• Spacious interior

• Optional equipment can be quite expensive
• Gas mileage isn’t on par with most of its competing vehicles.

Overall Assessment
This is the luxury vehicle for anyone looking for a comfortable, solid luxury SUV. This Mercedes-Benz model remains one of the best and strongest options on the market for its smooth powertrains and superb driving dynamics. Driving the GLE feels like an exhilarating experience without compromising any of your everyday usability.

9. 2021 Lexus GS
For people looking to buy a luxury sedan that is affordable and meets all aspects of driving, the GS is a serious contender. Built by parent company Toyota, the Lexus GS uses one of the best time-testing V6 engines and quality interior materials. It also has a V8-powered option for vehicle enthusiasts who are looking for more excitement. The GS also adds in several driver assistance systems, which is a plus. The Lexus GS doesn’t compromise when it comes to creating a comfortable, practical premium sedan.
The GS is a five-seater vehicle and comes in 4 trim levels. And for the interested parties, it starts at $53,785.

• Standard suite for driver safety
• Smooth and powerful powertrain
• Built using soft-high-quality interior materials

• Its touchpad isn’t as intuitive as a touchscreen
• No hybrid version available
• Its 350 trims are not as driver-focused as its rivals.

Overall Assessment
While the Lexus GS may not be as fast as its main rivals, it acquaints itself on the comfort and spaciousness front. Its plush interior and substantial trunk are its key selling points. This is the vehicle to buy if you are looking for that thrilling sports sedan experience. But all this doesn’t come cheap.

The Bottom Line
There you have it, our 2021 luxury car review with some of the most interesting options you should find on the market come 2021. Luxury cars have never been more affordable than they are today. And we should expect their prices to keep dropping while still maintaining their plush, exquisite designs.