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Best Chocolate Gifts for a Tasty Surprise

Some might say that the old “box of chocolates” gift is overkill, but we shouldn’t agree. There’s nothing like finding that perfect sweet-salty balance in a truffle or a fruity surprise in a piece of milk chocolate. these are some amazing new styles to try just like the classic brands we know and love. Whether you’re looking for a range of unique flavors or a fun fondue set, there’s a perfect gift for every chocolate preference.

We’ve rounded up the best gift baskets, boxes, and chocolate samples on the market, all dressed to impress for any occasion. Read on to satisfy the sweet tooth with essential treats for chocolate lovers.

Hot Cocoa Bomb – Andy’s Candies

Andy's Candies Hot Chocolate bombs

Andy’s Candies began back in the 1950’s and this local shop has been making the best chocolate ever since. The Andy’s Candies family has embraced Andy and Sophie’s passion and has been successful in providing not only local treats but also offering large-scale fundraising and ships products anywhere in the US.

These hot cocoa mix and marshmallow stuffed confections will have your friends and family oohing and ahhing as they melt away in warm milk to create the perfect cup of hot chocolate. Hollow Milk Chocolate Ball filled with hot chocolate mix and marshmallows. Place a chocolate sphere in your mug and pour over hot milk or water to melt the shell and release the hidden hot cocoa mix and marshmallows!

To buy: $6.95 at

XO Marshmallow Turtles

Nothing goes with chocolate like marshmallow and caramel, and XO Marshmallow has gotten these turtles down to a delicious science. Enjoy the chocolate-covered stack of marshmallows, salted caramel, and toasted pecans. Of course, the brand also makes hot chocolate and several marshmallow flavors, including cookies and cream and funfetti, both of which are sure to delight adults and kids alike.

To buy: Set of 2 turtles, $12 at

La Maison du Chocolat Chocolate Box

La Maison du Chocolat packs incredible flavors into bite-sized offerings. The French confections are full of surprises like ganaches, pralines, and fruit. Give this box for a special occasion or as a much-needed reward.

To buy: 24 pieces for $65 at or

L.A. Burdick Chocolate Mice

We can’t get enough of these cute little mice in a medley of dark, milk, and white chocolate with toasted almond ears. Each is filled with a unique ganache, including orange, espresso, and cinnamon flavors. L.A. Burdick’s chocolatier is Swiss-trained, and since each piece is created by hand in a process that takes three days, this set is something special to be savored.

To buy: $50 at

Seattle Chocolate

Seattle Chocolate’s Jcoco sampler includes its best flavors, like the orange blossom espresso and mango plantain. Each bar is the perfect size for a plentiful taste without a sugar overload, but there are also full-size bars available if you want to savor your favorites. 

To buy: $35 at

Ghirardelli Gift Basket

Another well-known classic that never disappoints, Ghirardelli’s chocolate squares come in an array of flavors and styles. Give a full selection with this pre-wrapped basket of milk, dark, and hot chocolate varieties. 

To buy: $75 at